Judith has been diving for over 40 years. Judith started diving for her love of the sea and has never looked back. Today, her entire family dives. Many of them join her on her trips.

Judy’s favorite dive locations are Yap and Utila and favors wreck diving. She can tell you all about the Coast Guard Cutters Dwayne and Bib in the Florida Keys and Truk Lagoon in Micronesia.

The diversity in Yap ranks as Judy’s favorite dive destination. Yap is also the home of her favorite underwater creature, the Crocodile fish. Yes, from the front it truly resembles a Crocodile. Judy went to Utila to see the elusive Whale Shark. It represents the undersea creature she most wanted to see. As most people know Utila was a great trip. And, once again, those tricky sharks eluded Judy. Of all the diving Judy has done, she really enjoys wreck diving the most. Each ship holds a different history for Judy. She also would have to say that diving the cenotes in Mexico have been some of the best diving she has ever done. Judy thinks the stalactites and stalagmites are some of underwater Mexico’s natural works of art.