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Fun Dives


St. Croix Scuba

Fun dives with St. Croix Scuba are exactly that: a great way to get out on a local dive, just for fun! We pride ourselves on our FREE social diving events as a way to keep divers of all types from drying out too much when it's not vacation season. We also offer special discounted rentals on any of our scheduled Fun Dive events.

Come join us for one of our regular "Perch Lake Potluck & Fun Dive" events for an easy dive just 15 minutes away from the store. It's a great place to meet other local divers while you check out the multiple sunken boats, statues, Bluegill, Bass, and Trout. After the dive we relax with the hot dogs, chips, and water supplied by the dive store, alongside any other dishes shared by our divers. Most dives tend to be 10-30ft.

Looking for something a bit more exciting? Check out one of our destination Fun Dives! We regularly visit deeper, colder, and clearer lakes like Wazee, Orebegone, and Superior. These dives are better suited for more experienced divers, and are great opportunities to challenge yourself as a diver and take the Advanced Open Water course. We make two dives at these more distant locations, our first deeper dive is usually 60-100ft (depending on location), followed by our hot dog lunch, then a shallower 30-50ft dive to wrap up the day. 

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