Rentals and Service

If you own your gear and need it serviced, you've come to the right place! We service all the brands we sell, which includes Scubapro, Mares, Aqualung, Zeagle, Apeks, Atomic, Oceanic, Hollis, and more. Call if you have any specific questions, as we don't always have all parts on hand.


If you need to rent equipment for your next dive or your next dive vacation, be sure to stop by St. Croix Scuba.  We’ll set you up with high quality, dependable diving equipment. 

Call to reserve your equipment in advance.  We will have your equipment ready-to-go when you get here!  Easy,  simple, hassle free.

Need an airfill? We fill scuba tanks, paintball air cylinders, SCBA cylinders, and snowmobile avalanche cylinders (BCA tanks). Now just $6.00 per fill.

* Friday noon until close on the following Tuesday!  

**Weekly rate includes an extra 3 travel days free

† Scheduled Fun Dives Only: Includes BCD, Regulator, 1 Tank, Weights, MFS, Boots, Hood, and Gloves 

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October 1 through May 31
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June 1 through September 30
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